Director of Seeder & Ash Capital, Kayode Omosebi, at AICM2021.

The Agri-Investments and Capital Markets Forum, organized by Welcome2Africa International in partnership with NIRSAL PLC, held on the 30th of June 2021 at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos Nigeria.

The forum was set up to facilitate the establishment of an agribusiness funding pipeline for the capital markets and other alternative financial markets, with a focus on high-value commodities such as Cocoa, Cashew and Ginger, etc. In addition to this, the forum sought to X-ray the Nigerian Capital Market policies, challenges, and unlock the enormous potential and opportunities available in the multi-trillion-naira sector.

On the panel of the forum was the director of Seeder & Ash Capital, Kayode Omosebi. His activities and strides in the sector earned him a seat on the panel, where he spoke on “Analyzing the current state of agribusiness participation and promoting Agribusiness inclusion in the Nigerian Capital Markets” alongside other panelists.

During the discussion, Kayode talked about the need for players in the agribusiness sector to collaborate, set up risk mitigation strategies, and show ability to scale, in order to attract investors. He also highlighted the advantage of an established online visibility for players in this sector.

The event was attended by key players and stakeholders in the agri-business and capital markets sectors. Watch the full video below

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