EFA Farms

As the bed of a group of brands seeking to provide end-to-end experience across the agricultural value chain in Africa, EFA farms sits at the production level and is redefining how food is produced by growing trust from nature through investments and markets

E.F.A Farms produces and processes Castor, Maize, Pepper. Its farmland is sited at Iseyin, a city located in the Nigerian state of Oyo and is approximately 100 km north of Ibadan. E.F.A Farms has local off-takers and recently commenced export trials of Castor bi-product.

E.F.A Farms started crop production in a relatively low volume with a focus on the local market. From a low yield of 10 tons per acre, the company was able to identify a high yielding variety which, together with good agronomic practices, increased their yield to 16 tons per acre. The Company started engaging the services of smallholder farmers in the production of Castor during the 2019 farming season. The company started exporting the Castor to European markets under trials in addition to its local sales.

E.F.A Farms is currently working on increasing the production and forward integration of Castor, Maize and Pepper after passing the export trials given the current supply deficit and favourable product economics.