Proprietary Investment

Seeder & Ash Capital is an Investment Holding Company that invests for the long-term in Nigeria’s most budding and strategic sectors. We focus on investing in high-potential SMEs, bringing strategic capital, expertise and network, to support their development into key players across their value chain.

We invest in companies where we can play a catalytic role in growing the business, specifically targeting budding sectors deemed to be fundamental to the functioning of the Nigerian economy. We have built a diversified portfolio of scalable investments in sectors that:

  • Are defensive or attractive for Nigeria’s risk factors.
  • Have long-term predictable cash flows.
  • Provide de-risked exposure to the budding consumer market.
  • Are positioned on the path to prominence and impact.

We own significant stake (>45% – 90%) in high-growth companies across hospitality, waste management & recycling, alternative financial services, commodity export, Transport & Logistics, and agriculture sectors.


Driven by our philosophy, we invest for the long-term, bringing strategic capital, sector expertise, a track record of business turnaround success and operational excellence to companies we invest in.

Our objective is to support, drive and build large scale businesses that make a positive, significant, and sustainable impact in Africa whilst at the same time delivering value for all stakeholders.